A fully fledged designer at your fingertips

Stop wasting your time writing and maintaining YAML files. A complete and constantly updated objects library is at your finger tips, you'll never write YAML files anymore !

Discover and import your existing infrastructure

Import your existing Kubernetes objects and reuse them in your new projects. Ruse your existing and basic building blocks without the need for any intervention from your operations team

Deploy your designed app with a click of a button

Deploy, promote and rollback your designs to different environments with a single click. Export your designs as YAML files and integrate them into your own deployment cycle


All the features you need to take your Kubernetes experience to the next level


K8s objects library

Ready to use Drag-&-Drop configurable objects constantly reviewed and updated


Custom objects

Import or add your own custom objects and use them in your projects



Built-in templates for the most common use cases with support for adding your own templates for your own use cases


Version control

Version control your projects and collaborate with others


User management

Manage users who can create, deploy, share and even rollback projects


Multi team

Give K8od to your whole organization with a separate users and groups per team


Deploy and promote

You've got to decide when and where to deploy your projects



Don't have enough permissions ?! Rollback your project and ask your admin for the correct permissions and redeploy !


Export as YAML

Deploy your designs straight from K8od or export them as YAML and integrate them in your development life cycle


K8od is available in two different editions to suit all your needs and allow you to take your Kubernetes experience to a whole new level

Coming soon

Open Source
Open Source K8od

  • K8od designer
  • Infrastructure discovery
  • Deployment management

Coming Soon

All the entreprise features you need so that you can focus on what matters the most

  • K8od designer
  • Infrastructure discovery
  • Deployment management
  • Version control
  • YAML export support
  • Users and groups management
  • Multi-team support
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

We're hard at work and we're very close to release date !

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